A Snowy Journey in Korea

Last year (2009) I went to Korea – the trip is not a business trip so I paid the trip by myself, I spent about 17,000 NT$ (530 USD) for 5 days 4 nights trip. I think the cost wasn’t too expensive because it’s including the hotel and accommodation. I went to there with my best friends, Sandy and David. Of course I took many photos there and I will share to you ~ I’ll explain some story about some photos below. Be patient if you click read more because it will need a lot of time to loading the photos (I upload 86 photos).

Day 1:

I arrived Incheon airport (仁川飛機場) and took bus with others people that joined the tour. I took some photos about Korea freeway gate near the airport ~ I think not much different with Taipei.

On that trip there are 3 guides accompanied us, one person from Taiwan and two others from Korea. The guide from Taiwan can speak Chinese and Japanese, One guide from Korea can speak Korean and Chinese ~ other guide from Korea can speak Korean and Japanese. Because many people joined this trip are from Taiwan so they used Chinese as trip primary language. I took shot inside the bus as a documentary photo…..

We arrived Seoul on the evening, of course all people were hungry so we went to restaurant. We ate special food from Korea (sorry I forget the name in Korean) ~ it’s just chicken with rice but the taste so special ( I think).

After eating then we went to Dongdaemun Market area, this area was the largest shopping center in Seoul. I took some shots there….

We continued our journey and move to another nearby shopping area, there are one big department store ~ but honestly that just made me bored ~ so I just walked around the building and took photos outside.

The dance performed by Korean girl….

A movie theater

Some stores near movie theater

After shopping time we went to hotel and slept there hehe…..

Day 2:

A nice view from the hotel….

The hotel looked great in this photo…

We’re ready to go….

The most interesting activity on day 2 was “the ski” ~ it’s my first time playing ski hehe. Before playing ski we go to store that rent some ski equipments.

Sorry I can’t help you take that gloves LOL…..


We arrived to the place ~ it was very interesting. I took some shots there….

Many people there…..

Many people waited for me, I think it’s time for me to back to the bus….

We continued our journey to the hotel…..

Oops…. the way to hotel was too long and everyone wanted to go to toilet then we stopped for a while, I also took some shots there…

Thanks friend for taking this nice photo hehe….

Finally we arrived the hotel and everyone felt hungry ~ I just happy that we had unlimited food but…. but…. we only got these “kind of snacks”. (very disappointed !!!)

Then we bought noodle, eggs, drinks, and snack…. to fulfill our disappointment hehe…..

It looked better than “the snacks” we ate before….

Sleeping time Zzzzz……

Day 3:

I woke up too early so I took some photos near the hotel….

Time to play LOL……

Simple is beautiful, do you agree?

When I got my breakfast suddenly I saw the snowfall…… It’s my first time to see snowfall ~ definitely it’s beautiful. Our plan in day 3 is go to Sinheungsa. It’s a famous temple in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, South Korea. I also took some photos there.

Thanks friend for taking this photo….

We left Sinheungsa and went to “small harbor”. This place is a famous because a famous Korean drama “Autumn in my Heart” was casting there.

We crossed the river using “small boat”…..

What a nice statue hehe……

Taking the photo from behind is not prohibited LOL….

Other place near that harbor….

Orange vs White…..

How do you think about this photo?

We’re moved back to bus….

Everyone felt hungry after a long journey from morning ~ I remembered that we had lunch at 12.45 (a little bit late hehe…). On that day we had shabu-shabu dish.

Finished eat then I took photo outside the restaurant….

We continued our journey ~ the next place was seafood market….

What a big crab ?!

You can enjoy the fresh seafood ~ yummy!!

It looked like “something” haha…..

Looked delicious…..

We left seafood market and went to harbor nearby that market. I think the place is so beautiful…..

The boat moved backward….

A mother teached her children “the best way of fishing”

Another photographer….

From that photographer standing point (see photo above), I can shoot a beautiful scenery…..


Day 4:

We went to Office of the President, Republic of Korea (Cheongwadae) nearby… the time wasn’t enough to enter Cheongwadae so I just took some photos outside.

A famous statue but I forget the name….

Friendship forever…..

After that we went to some places such as gingseng store, kimchi school, cosmetic store, amethyst store – note that I don’t like to visit those stores. Definitely it just waste my time!!!

At night I spent my time took some night photos near Sinchon station….

I also visited Korean MRT system ~ almost the same with Taiwan MRT system….

Day 5:

The big snowfall made my flight delay about 1 hour. That’s fine for me because the most important is the safety…..

Finally I finished share this article…….

I hope you like it ~ as usual comment & critique are welcome….

Thanks for visiting my blog and portfolio – Happy “belated” New Year 2010″

13 thoughts on “A Snowy Journey in Korea

  1. @thelocalguide:
    yeah I agree that Korea is nice place to visit hehe…..

    I am not sure what was that but I think it is sea worm.

  2. So beautiful photos and interesting stories; so we don’t need to go there. Because we can’t find such beautiful photos and interesting stories like Edwin’s.
    Have a great holiday and re-charge your energy and mind for the whole year of 2010.

  3. @ B.Setiadi:
    I hope year 2010 will be better than 2009 hehe….

    @ Niken:
    Hari Minggu ntar gue bawa ke gereja oleh2nya hehe…..
    Kena dong, gak papa ken asal ada weather sealnya ~ yang rada bahaya lensa soale beberapa ada yang gak weather seal.

    @ Adi:
    Yoi dingin itu enak hehe….

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