[Half Face]


Album Title: Half Face, Model: mixed (taken from my photo shoots), Photographer: Edwin Setiawan (me), Place: mixed, Date: mixed.   Sometimes I feel half is better than full – do you agree ? :)


Sweet | 甜天


Album title: Sweet | 甜天, Model: 甜天 (read: tian tian), Photographer: Edwin Setiawan (me), Place: 捷運古亭站附近 (Guting MRT station nearby), Date: 2015/05/03.




Album Title: Sophie, Model: 顏妤卉 (Sophie), Photographer: Edwin Setiawan (me), Place: Taipei, Taiwan, Date: 2015/03/22. Just a casual shoot – long time not update my blog XD.


2015 Taipei Lantern Festival


I really like this year lantern festival – though I can’t compare with previous year (I remember that I am too busy on year 2014 so I don’t have time to attend this festival).


Simple & Classic


Album Title: Simple & Classic, Model: 可艾 (Keai), Photographer: Edwin Setiawan (me), Place: Taipei, Taiwan, Date: 2015/02/08. I have color version for this album – but I think B&W is better :)




Album title: Angela, Model: Angela (Wei Zhen Zeng), Photographer: Edwin Setiawan, Place: Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park, Date: 2015/01/18.


2015 Calendar


Normally I upload this calendar before the new year or maybe 1 week after new year but this year a little bit different (too late LOL). Anyway I still have one day to use January calendar^^. For your information, I downloaded calendar grid (psd files) from this link – you may check the link if you want to make your own calendar.



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