Removing Rainbow Flare with Photoshop

I took the photo above on 2009 ~ and I still remember this photo has a “great” flare hehe. Although it looked like a rainbow but it was a real flare hehe…. Anyway this kind of problem is happen not only once but also for some photos so I decided to write this tutorial.  As usual, I will write it step by step to make it simple ~ also provide the result and comparison before and after.

I will use other photo (not the cover) for this tutorial because I need a really annoying rainbow flare. You can see how’s annoying the flare on this photo…

My first step to remove this flare is by using Hue/Saturation adjustment layer (H/S adjustment layer)…. Because this flare has 3 main color: red, yellow and green so I create 3 adjustment layers. For the first H/S adjustment layer, I try to remove red color on the flare, so I change Master to Reds, then shift saturation to -100 and lightness to -100. The value can be changed depend on flare condition. You’ll notice that it will reduce red saturation (not only for flare) but for entire photo. We will solve that problem later….

Second adjustment layer is to remove yellow color on flare….

Third adjustment layer is to remove green color on flare….

Well, now the photo looked like B/W photo ~ so we need to solve this problem….  In order to solve this problem we can create mask for each adjustment layer. You can see sample of adj. layer masking below….

Maybe you’ll think why I need to create 3 H/S adjustment layer with mask in each adjustment layer….. the reason is so simple, I need more flexibility ~ if you create only one adjustment layer with one masking that maybe work for this photo, but in case you need to mask different area (for each color) it will be better if you create many adjustment layers. Anyway the result after you create mask for each adjustment layer is like the photo below:

The result above has a problem like a bending white area….. so we need to make it dark…. For this one you can try many ways ~ for this tutorial I’ll use level adjustment layer…..

Then I add mask for level adjustment layer such like this one….

The result like this one:

After that I also use clone stamp and pattern to hide the bending color… still not a really perfect result hehe…..

The result above is good but I want to add some contrast, change the color a little bit and sharpen the photo for better view, and the final result is like this one:

Again you can see the comparison before and after:

Finally I just hope this tutorial give you an idea how to remove flare ~ H/S adjustment is powerful adjustment layer if you deal a problem with color . Anyway thanks for visiting my blog and website ~ I appreciate every comments, suggestions and critiques….

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13 thoughts on “Removing Rainbow Flare with Photoshop

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  2. I’m having a little trouble with this. I have photoshop elements, which should be able to do this too, but I keep getting tripped up with the layer mask part of this. Can you post specific instructions? I end up with the rainbow is grey, not white, including going over my models face and clothes.

  3. I came across your site searching ways to rid of flare in a digital photo, and would like to know if it were possible to talk to you about a photo i have,

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