Color & Tone Adjustment with Photoshop

This article is only about some of my experimental color & tone adjustments (not really about the tutorial how to modify color & tone in Photoshop, because I have written it in my blog long time ago). Honestly I like natural tone (& color) at most but I insist to write this article because some people like modifying tone & color in their photographs. Below I can share some of my experimental results, note that I won’t give you the way in detail or Photoshop action because I am sure you also can create your own tone.

My natural tone result can be seen in cover (above) of this article, not an original photo – but I don’t do any color editing for the photo, just kind of simple adjustment. The photo is taken by me during the sunny day, I love sunny day but it’s not so comfortable for the model (too hot). I use Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EF 200mm f/2L IS for taking the photo.

First you can read my previous article, after you read that one I hope you know several basic methods that useful for editing the tone and color. In order to make many photos with similar effect maybe you need to create action (I use Photoshop for editing at most, Lightroom can do batch editing with the same setting). My old tutorial about creating action in Photoshop you can check here.

Well, let’s check out my experimental modified tones….

1. Tone 1 result:

2. Tone 2 result:

3. Tone 3 result:

4. Tone 4 result:

5. Tone 5 result:

For these 5 experimental tones, if I must choose one (ignore natural tone), I will choose tone 1 ( a bit hard decision with no specific reason ^^). Anyway you can try to create “your own tone”, just make the tone that fit with your photography style – that’s all. Thanks for reading this article, comments are always welcome….

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