Editor Choice FN

Recently I just upload a pre-wedding photo in fotografer.net just to share some of different photos (usually I just upload portrait/model photos there). I just check the day after I upload and see some feedback (if there are critiques or suggestions). Today I just check my blog and see someone get into my blog from fotografer.net so again I check my photo there. I see that my photo has been chosen by editor, I don’t even notice and think about it hehe…..

Previous I have posted this photo twice in my new blog, overseas wedding. Maybe not everyone check there so I upload again here….

Honestly when I captured this photo, the fog was too thick (I just think maybe I can’t get any good photo). I just think to capture the moment and feeling, and I realize that fog add different effect and “feeling” into the photo (IMHO). I really thanks GOD for everything….

Anyway for complete photos set of that pre-wedding shoot you can check here.

Thanks for visiting, critique and suggestion are welcome….


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