My New Blog

I just open a new blog for pre-wedding and wedding shots, I name it “Overseas Wedding“, check it here. I will keep the original “Just about Photography” for everything related to photography (photoshop tutorial, portrait (model) photos, traveling photos, photography article, etc.). My new blog will be used for everything related to pre-wedding, wedding, engagement photo service. Basically it will be used for business/professional term, although I also may write/share some of my opinions related to pre-wedding/wedding stuff for free.

Because I have posted some pre-wedding photos and wedding photos in “Just about Photography” and Facebook, then I need to move those posts into my new blog. I will add my new photos/works about pre-wedding and wedding shots too. In advance, I will split my website ( into 2 parts: one is for portrait (model), and the other part for pre-wedding/wedding. It’s kind a combination between amateur and professional term because I shoot portrait (model) for hobby and I shoot pre-wedding/wedding for profession.

Previous I also have answered question about an amateur who being able to take as good photo as a pro, well this is my answer:

It is my opinion, of course you may have different opinion about “amateur” and “professional” term. Right now, I still think that even I do shoot client for business ~ I may still love shoot model/landscape/macro for my own hobby. I don’t really care about those terms anymore, I just care about my passion to photography. That’s what I feel recently….

At last, please help me support my new blog , you can share it with your friends – in case they may need a photographer for pre-wedding/wedding day. Thanks for your support.

4 thoughts on “My New Blog

  1. you’ve helped beginner like me to understand how to create passion in photography, n it wont a barrier between amateur and pro,thanks broo…

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