Recesky TLR Lesson

I write this article because last week I spent my time assembling my Recesky TLR (people said it is fake Gakkenflex TLR). It’s quite funny because the instruction in Chinese (the original Gakkenflex have the instruction in Japanese). Fortunately I can understand “the picture  language”, it seems not difficult to understand the process. I also find some English instruction in internet so there is no problem about assembling this one.  Anyway this article is not about the instruction how to assemble Recesky/Gakkenflex TLR. This short article is just about simple components in camera that makes me remember the process of creating the photograph.

Well, in my opinion this is the first component that really important for camera:

When I assembly Recesky TLR, I learn a lot about shutter mechanism. I never open inside of my DSLR or film SLR camera so I don’t know what really happen when I click the shutter button. Right now, I know that to create camera which can shoot with fast shutter speed is very difficult (usually for pure mechanic camera 1/2000 second is extremly fast, not many pure mechanical camera can shoot with 1/4000 second).

Next, second component is:

This component is just like small room (I forget to put the film there hehe….). In DSLR this place just like sensor room, for film SLR this place just like the place for film(negative). Of course the film negative or the sensor is much more important than this one hehe….

Next component is:

The viewfinder is very important for camera. Just imagine if you shoot without viewfinder, you don’t know the frame and the focus. For some people doing street photography sometimes they also like to shoot without see the viewfinder ~ I also like to do that but it’s just different story. In most cases, we need to see viewfinder or maybe LCD for pocket camera to compose the photo.

Next component is:

This component is exclusively for SLR, DSLR, TLR which need mirror in their system. Of course there are many cameras which no need mirror.

The last component is:

I put lens as the last part (not because it’s not important). The main reason is for some camera (like SLR, DSLR, some rangefinder, EVIL camera) the lens can be separated from the camera. And when we buy the camera (it’s not including the lens, just like different things separated from the camera ~ not the same case with point and shoot camera).

Well, in the end of this article I want to say that all the components are important and they need to work together as a camera to produce the photographs. This is the most important lesson that I get from last week…..

Team Work & Integration:

7 thoughts on “Recesky TLR Lesson

  1. hey bro…
    gue jg baru aja beli recesky
    diviewfindernya, refleksinya memang spt berbeda ya, dalam artian pas kita arahin kamera ke kanan, gambar yg muncul ke arah sebaliknya…
    atau kamera gue aja nih yg bermasalah??

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