Learning from Critique

I write this article because I remember that I always learn from other people feedback. I know people always love good comment such as “wow, great photo”. “excellent”, “wonderful capture”, etc. But then what you can learn from those nice comments?. Honestly we can learn more from critique (not from good praises) although I know it’s a bit hard to accept critique from other people.

Recently (May 7th, 2011) I posted my photo in fotografer.net (one of famous photography website in Indonesia). I uploaded one photo from one of my album.

Honestly I know that people will comment this photo regarding composition (maybe because I put the MD in the center, some people don’t like dead center composition). But well, I just try to get other comments about my photo, I don’t really care about the bad points…..

Below is the feedback (most of them are critiques), click and zoom to enlarge…..

I translate to English (I just feel difficult to translate so just translate the main points.)

#1. Crop the right side and top side (to make the window disappear).

#2. Agree with comment #1.

#3. Hands position looked unnatural.

#4. Cropping in her arm is a bit distracting.

#5. Good, sharp, but not agree with slanted angle (IMHO)

#6. Beautiful (with 1 thumb) ^^.

#7. Cute model, try to shoot farther.

#8. IMHO, incorrect composition.

After seeing some critique like this ~ people usually get a bit disappointed….

But then, we can see the critique again one by one and then try to see if we follow the critique….

I try to follow #1, #2, and #4 comments:

Why crop the right side? not the left side? how about try it….

I just can imagine comment #3, maybe next time should pay attention about hand position.

I try to follow comment #5.

Then try to combine with #1, #2, and #4:

Reverse cropping side:

Totally agree about comment #6, yap she is beautiful but then 1 thumb ^^

I also imagine if I shoot her a bit farther (comment #7) ~ well maybe good but maybe also cut her hand more improperly. About comment #8, he just said “IMHO, incorrect composition.” ~ so I just guess maybe the same with others comments.

In the end of this article, I need to mention that “learn” is not same with “follow” ~ not all the critique we should follow (even it is constructive critique). I say this because I believe every photographer has his/her own way to shoot. Just remember “there is no absolute law in photography”.

Thanks for reading this article…..


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9 thoughts on “Learning from Critique

  1. saya suka. sebagian besar fotografer terlalu banyak bermain teknis bukan kreatifitas. Setiap orang punya persepsi berbeda dalam menilai sebuah karya. Bukan hanya fotografi, lukisan saja dapat dinilai berbeda – beda setiap orang.
    Waktu itu ikut workshop dengan pembicara Agus Leonardus dari Nikon School. Dia mengatakan fotografer yang terlalu berbicara soal teknis akan sulit untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal. karena selalu tidak puas dengan karya yang dia buat.
    Dari situ lah saya mengerti bahwa ini karya saya dan terserah anda menilainya. 🙂

    • Trims mas Imam….
      Setuju dengan commentnya, setiap orang punya persepsi berbeda dalam menilai sebuah karya. Biasanya orang memberi kritik ketika orang tsb melihat hasil karya yang berbeda dengan persepsinya.
      Pada bagian akhir dari artikel saya jg memberikan note “learn is not same with follow”, dari kritik/masukan orang lain kita bisa belajar persepsi orang lain ~ tapi tidak selalu untuk mengikutinya (karena setiap photographer pasti punya persepsi yang berbeda2 dalam konsep fotonya).

  2. Portrait Photography was never my thing (yet?), so I suck at it. Tapi, kalau disuruh membandingkan antara foto terakhir dan foto pertama, saya masih lebih suka foto yang pertama.

    Memang, jendela dan sudut framing itu mungkin sedikit distracting, tapi bagi saya justru memberi ‘aksen’ atau warna; biar ada sedikit cerita dan gak datar/kosong.

    Satu-satunya saran yang saya setujui (dari delapan saran), hanyalah supaya fotonya dari agak jauh. Tapi ini mungkin lebih karena preference dan kebiasaan juga :D.

  3. @Gm:
    Wah2, ini kayaknya mending dijadiin adik aja ya, skrg 15 thn (dulu waktu pertama moto ternyata masih 14 thn) hahaha……

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