Removing unwanted colorful part using Photoshop

Take beautiful photo can be very easy but in reality isn’t like that ~ sometimes we have to face other factor such as “many people in that place” or maybe “there is garbage in the road”, etc. Well we can use Photoshop (or other programs) to remove some unwanted parts in our photo ~ there are many ways to do this but I will  explain more on traditional way (especially if the unwanted parts are colorful), let’s check it out…..

First, open the original file:

If you have Adobe Photoshop CS5 you can select the area you want to recover then use Fill->Content Aware Scale, then it will automatically change it. I know it’s like magic but you can see even the good feature we still need to clean up something (maybe can use clone stamp and patch). The result with filling content aware scale as below….

That method is great but not all people have Adobe Photoshop CS 5, so I will try to use a traditional way to fix this problem. Clone stamp and patch tool can fix this problem but I will show you that we need to care to use patch tool, because the part we want to remove and the surrounding area are very different (red color vs gray color). And you can see if I use patch tool directly we will find this kind of problem (the color will be mixed, red + gray).

Anyway in Photoshop there is a way better than patch to remove the color, it is Hue Saturation adjustment. I will explain more on this method because it is appropriate way to remove the unwanted part in this sample. We can add one H/S adjustment layer then change Master to Red then modify the value (see picture below).

As you can see we already remove any red color in this photo then the next things we have to do are remove cyan, blue, and magenta color.

Remove cyan color:

Remove blue color:

Remove magenta color:

Reduce saturation (for this sample I think need to do this step):

The result after we remove 4 colors are very bad because we apply this adjustment layer for all part in the photo, so we need to create mask  to protect other parts that no need to be fixed (see below).

After we apply the mask:

I think the result is not bad but we still need to smooth the boundary between dark and bright area, now we can easily do this one with patch tool because there is no color interference.

The result is better but still the boundary is not so smooth because the gradient color is not so smooth, so I think we need to make the darker area  (near the area we want to fix) become brighter. Of course we can use many ways to do this but in this tutorial I will show H/S adjustment also can do this one.

The method is so easy, just add one H/S adjustment layer then modify the lightness as below:

Create mask to protect the other area we don’t want to change….

The result after apply the mask:

After that we can do sharpening and final adjustment, then the final result will be like this one:

Comparison between before and after photoshop:

Thanks for visiting my blog, feel free to share this tutorial ~ comments and suggestions are really appreciated…..

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8 thoughts on “Removing unwanted colorful part using Photoshop

  1. hoooo…kirain cuma pake clone stamp aja huahahahaha…tapi tingkat bokehnya juga membantu proses ngedit loh, artinya semakin bokeh akan semakin gampang. Coba kalo yang diubah itu tajem (nggak bokeh) hayoo…

    kesimpulannya : beli lah lensa bokeh, karena membantu proses mengedit hehehe…

    Great tutorial ko!
    *baca dulu

  2. I had such a laugh when i read the caption on the photo “sorry i wont let u get beautiful photos so easily”, you made my day. Followed by a very informative tutorial..thnks for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

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