Fixing Washout Photo (Caused by Lens Flare) by Using Photoshop

Have you ever shoot and the result like the photo above? That washout photo is caused by lens flare ~ although the flare isn’t really a problem but it reduce the contrast of the photo. I know this problem is really annoying….so that’s why I think it’s also important to write some idea to fix it.

First, you can open your washout photo, especially if it’s caused by lens flare. For this tutorial I’ll use this photo:

Then you can duplicate the layer ~  I always do this step because sometimes I want to modify the photo without damage original photo.  But for this tutorial you can skip this step….

Next step, just add level adjustment layer, see below:

You can see the histogram, for this photo I set the input level become: 20-0.7-255. For every condition the setting will be different but the idea is to adjust those numbers properly. After you change those numbers then you can see the washout part reduce significantly but the problem is some parts become too dark (see the tree behind the model).

In order to solve this problem you can add masking, for this tutorial I just create a simple gradation mask as below:

The result will be like this one:

I think the result (above) is quite good but the white balance a little bit strange for me….. so I decided to add some final adjustment for white balance and contrast. The final result:

I also tried this method (not exactly the same steps) to other photo:

And after fixing it: (I think the result just okay not excellent hehe…)

Well I hope this tutorial can give you some ideas how to fix washout photo ~ the steps are so simple and easy…. Thanks for visiting my blog and website….

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