Customization of B&W Photo Using Photoshop CS 4

Have you think to change your colorful photo become black and white photo? If the answer is yes then I think you have to customize your B&W photo…. So if you interesting about this one, check it here…

I will use original photo, originally taken by my friend ~ thanks for him hehe….

Then the traditional way to convert your photo to black and white is by using desaturate, in Photoshop you can click  Image>Adjustment>Desaturate or just click ctrl + shift + u. The way is too simple and you will also get instant result..

Well, you get the instant result but you can’t adjust your B&W photo…. so how about do something more interesting…. You can try to use B&W adjustment, click Image>Adjustment>Black and White or just click alt+shift+ctrl+B. Personally I like to add new adjustment layer (not to do any adjustment in original layer) so I can modify later in case I need it….

Using this way you can adjust 6 parameters, so depends on what color you want to change to black or white…. For this photo I adjust reds: 150, yellows:120, greens: 100, cyans:50, blues: 50, and magenta: 0 ~ anyway you can adjust those parameters depends on your personal style. Anyway if you change every parameters become 50 then you will get the same result as desaturate….

You can see the result using black and white adjustment as below….

Seems the result is better than desaturate result…. but I think I will increase some contrast for this result then it will be better and better hehe….. For this case I will use level adjustment because it’s simple although you also can try curve or other adjustment….

Following the histogram then I modify input adjustment become 0,1,235 to make it looked better…. and the final result will be like this one….

I’ll give another example from my album photo session Bright & Shiny to make this tutorial more interesting hehe…..

Original Photo with some adjustments:

Desaturate result: (so flat)

B&W adjustment result:

I add vignette effect (and adjust contrast) to make it dramatic:

I know it’s a very simple tutorial but I believe “sometimes great result comes from small things”, so don’t underestimate small things hehe…. I hope you can learn something from this tutorial, comments are really appreciated…. thanks.

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