Learn a photo from Exif data


Long time I didn’t post a photography article in my blog because I busy to work. The other reason is I don’t have something special that I need to write. This topic actually is a basic for photographer but it is essential ~ since I learn photography by myself, everything I do just read, read, read…… and of course try it. After that I write it on my blog ~ I think it’s good to share your experience for others, life isn’t just for you but also for others.

What is Exif? Exif stands for Exchangeable image file format, it is a specification for image file format used by digital camera.  Exif usually content information such as date time information and camera setting. Learn Exif data is a fast way to learn other photography technique, of course learn the technique without good practice is just nothing. Anyway if you interesting about Exif in detail you can go to this link.

Let see sample photo below, I use ACDsee to see this Exif data, anyway you can use other software to open it, or just right click on your photo and choose properties then choose details.


See Exif data in detail, I just explain 2 sections that I think important:

Camera section:


Important things in camera section are camera model and date/time. The quality of the photo depend on the camera and lens ~ I agree photographer never blames his camera but I also agree that good photographer with good camera will produce good photograph.  Date/time is important (especially) if you are landscape photographer. For example you want to take photo in Mt. Fuji, it’s better to check other people photo before you go there. If you learn others people photo you’ll get information the right time I should go there to take photo.

Image section:


Almost all data in the image section are important. I usually learn this section from others photograph ~ it’s  good to learn the technique and skill from others. If you see my photograph maybe you curious why the bokeh is good, tmaybe you want to ask me – but you think “how come he will tell his technique…”, anyway the answer already written in Exif data – just check the aperture value (f number) and focal length. Maybe you also like to know why the lighting and skin tone also nice ~ just check metering mode, white balance setting, and exposure bias. For sport photography and slow speed photography maybe you need to check shutter speed/exposure time. I can’t explain one by one in detail but I am sure you understand that it should be a reason for a photographer to set some value – learn it and for sure you will produce good photo.

Of course some photographers won’t let you learn his technique, so regarding this article maybe other people will criticize me why you teach people to “steal” such important information. So I will tell you how to delete the Exif data so other people can’t see it. The way is too easy, just use photoshop and click File->Save for Web and Devices. Using this way you can protect your technical photo information. Anyway the option to share or hide your photograph information is on your hand, in my opinion if you like to learn from others, you should like to share to others. Anyway comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome – thanks for visiting my blog.


11 thoughts on “Learn a photo from Exif data

  1. @Protocol Snow:
    Yeah I agree that a lot of people delete their Exif data hehe…. so I wrote “the option to share or hide your photograph information is on your hand, in my opinion if you like to learn from others, you should like to share to others.”

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  3. Yes, I’ve also found that reading the “EXIF” data is a most invaluable learning tool!.. I am always seeking to find the exif data on a particular photograph I’ve seen on the internet, but unfortunately, most times its not available.

    I’d love to know what internet sites I can go to to see photos and also read the exif information.

  4. @ S. Pedi:
    Sorry for my late reply….
    Yeah I agree that some people removes the EXIF information – but not all people do that hehe….
    You can try to find photos in flickr, I found there are many photos in flickr still have EXIF info. People usually lock photos in flickr so you can’t save their photos to your computer (in order to protect their copyright). How to see EXIF info without save their photos? hehe….. the easiest way just click more properties in additional information.

  5. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but, pbase.com is about one of the very best sites to check on “exif” data. If there are any others, please post that info here…. thanks….

  6. @ S. Pedi:
    yap pbase.com is a good website ~ you can check flickr.com – there are many photos here and I think many photos also have EXIF info.

  7. I’d like to make an addition to the “exif” agenda.

    I’ve just discovered another wonderful site that I go to more often than even “pbase.com”…..and, its called “photosig.com”.
    Its really much more informative than pbase!.

    You can track lenses, filters, and the list goes on and on. Yep, pbase.com is great, but I’d have to say that “photosig.com” is even much much better. Now, that’s my personal opinion.
    Yes, I do find myself going to photosig.com much more often.

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