FPGE from FN (www.fotografer.net)

Today (August 10, 2009) I am very happy because I have been chosen by Fotografer.net as a FPGE (Fotografer Pilihan Editor – Editorial Chosen Photographer (I am not sure about this translation hehe….) )


If you interesting to see my photos on FN you can check this link – thanks all for your feedback…..

~ without your feedback, I am just nothing ~


My Portfolio: Edwin Setiawan Photography


9 thoughts on “FPGE from FN (www.fotografer.net)

  1. Congratz, Win!
    Sudah seharusnya sih.

    Lu ga kenapa-napa kan? Denger2 ada taifun dan longsor disana.
    Hope everything is OK.

  2. Wah pak kristupa saragih sbg owner & founder situs FN yg langsung ngasih selamat ke bro Edwin…manteppp…

    lanjutkan dan ikut menyimak foto2 & tips2 nya bro Edwin

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