Night in Taipei


Album Title: Night in Taipei, Photographer: Edwin(me), Photo Editor: Edwin(me), Status: Incomplete (should be finish in this year).




– sorry still incomplete, I don’t know when I can complete this album (it should be before the end of year 2009) –

7 thoughts on “Night in Taipei

  1. @moccavanilla:
    thanks…. temennya namanya siapa ya? Dave atau Bagus?
    btw blog kamu juga bagus hehe…. salam kenal ya hehe….

  2. @B.Setiadi:
    我用CS4, 然後用 ACDSee batch resize….
    如果你 save as picture, 你看沒有EXIF因為wordpress刪除EXIF材料…

    如果你要拍夜景, 你用最小的光圈-如:f/22,30秒,exposure bias: -1或-2… 我用photoshop CS4 修改 white balance, 銳利, 跟對比…

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