The Secret of Content Aware Scale

Before you read this article, It’s better for you to read my previous article about Perspective Correction by Using Photoshop CS4 (Case1) ~ otherwise you’ll get confused read this article.

From that article you’ll know most of people will crop the result after step 4. The other way maybe make a decorative border to hide the empty area. If you don’t agree with cropping the photo or making a decorative border maybe you can try with this method. This method is simple, you just need to install Adobe Photoshop CS4 and use a new feature called Content Aware Scale. This feature only available in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Result after step 4:


How to do it:

1. Open your photo.

2. Duplicate layer (Ctrl+J) ~ some people may think this step is not necessary, but  it’s my habit to  keep original photo as background layer.

3. Click Edit->Content Aware Scale (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+C).


4. Drag some points. (see below), after then click enter.


5. Finally you can get nice composition without cropping the photo.

As a bonus, I will give you another photo that can be corrected with content aware scale:

Original photo from Always Beauful album:


As you can see, a part of reflector included in the bottom left of this photo. You can correct this photo by cropping the photo. Or maybe you use clone stamp, healing brush, and patch tool to correct that small area. There are some methods to get rid this problem. Since this article is about content aware scale so I will use this feature to fix this problem. The step same with the above step, you need to open the photo then duplicate the photo. After that, you need to use content aware scale and the result will looked like this: (final result after contrast and final adjustment can be seen in Always Beautiful album.)


You can compare original one with the result after content aware scale, you can see almost no different in the model (the scale, proportion almost the same with the original photo). The different part just in the background part, since I stretch left part of the photo. But if I didn’t tell you that I use this method, will you know that I stretch this photo ? ~ I guess you’ll not notice it because you see the proportional of the model still good. Some photos in my other albums also has been stretched by using content aware scale but no one notice that. I think this new feature is good improvement for Photoshop.

Although this new feature/tool is nice, still there are some photos can’t be corrected with this tool. Just remember no perfect tool can handle all the problems. Some tools maybe good to fix this problem but (maybe )not good to fix the other problems.

Finally if you have any comment, suggestion or critique – do not hesitate to write it….. your feedback is important for me to make this tutorial/article better. Thanks for visiting this blog.

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5 thoughts on “The Secret of Content Aware Scale

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  2. Many thanks Indeed
    I once was a student in NTU some 25 years ago .been back there only once.Miss that place a lot,that was my golden era there!
    keep up with the good work.

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