Always Beautiful


Album title: Always Beautiful; Model: Nina/小布  (read: xiao bu); Photographer & Photo Editor: Edwin(me); Place: 國立科學教育館 (read: guo li ke xue jiao yu guan); Date: 28th March 2009.

For some reasons (if you ask me about the reasons then I will tell you hehe…..), I just upload black & white version (except above photo) so if you don’t like black & white photography – do not hesitate to click “Read the rest of this entry”. I hope my simple B&W photograph can open your eyes to see the other side of B&W photography. And for B&W lovers/fanatics, your feedback is important for me to improve my B&W photography skill more. Anyway I hope all of you like this album…..

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Photo 4:


Photo 5:

Photo 6:


Photo 7:


Photo 8: (Fisheye Canon 15mm/2.8)


Photo 9:


Photo 10:


Photo 11:


Photo 12: (I love this one)


Photo 13:


Photo 14:


Photo 15:


Photo 16: (Fisheye Canon 15mm/2.8)


Photo 17:


Photo 18: (I also love this one)


Thanks for visiting this blog –  comments, suggestions, or critiques are welcome.

UPDATE: 13rd April 2009

Cover Photo (similarwith photo #18 but in color version) has been chosen as Foto Pilihan Editor (2009/04/13) from (the biggest portal for Indonesian Photographer Community). Thanks for all comments – I am really appreciate your comments.  If you want to see this photo in, you can click this link. Again, thanks for your comments….


This original photo isn’t so perfect like the final version – if you interesting to know the secret behind this photo you can click my tutorial about content aware scale.


9 thoughts on “Always Beautiful

  1. @behyc & myphotoscout:
    thanks for your compliment….
    I also agree with your comment about the model…..

  2. @Cici:
    sama kayak david ci…. gue jg suka nomor 2 – typical photo gue banget objectnya taruh ditengah trus diapit sama pattern (pohon2) yang makin ngeblur ke belakang….. mirip covernya lovely student, lucky rainy day @@….

  3. Hi…
    I really like these pics…Fantastic!!!
    I like photography as well
    Now I have a idea and I would like to invite Nina to be my model…
    Do you have her mobile no. or email? Can you introduce me to her? Cheers….

  4. @Li:

    Hi too… 🙂

    If you want to take her photo, it’s better to join photostar ( or difocus ( There are many models, include Nina… every photo session activity only can be joined by 10 people (maximum).

    if you aren’t satisfied with group activity or you want to take her photo 1 on 1 maybe you need to contact Nina personally, Unfortunately I don’t know her mobile number ~ if I know her mobile number, probably I am her boyfriend haha… ~ just kidding 🙂

    If you really want to contact her maybe you can write email to her wretch guest book. This is her wretch:

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