Album Title: Nina-祝妳早日康復 (read: zhu ni zao ri kang fu), Model: 小布(Nina), Photographer: Edwin (me), Photo Editor: Edwin(me), Place: 士林官邸 (read: shi lin guan di), Date: 21st March 2009.

祝妳早日康復 means “wish you early recover / recover fast” – the title is very special since model (Nina) isn’t in fit condition. You can compare this album with “Lovely Girl” . Her face (cheek) maybe looked a little bit different (cheek a little bit bigger because of drug/medicine allergy). Actually I also retouched her cheek (remove dark area and reshape her cheek) to make it better and looked like original Nina, maybe my retouching skill isn’t excellent but at least I try my best to retouch her – I hope you can’t notice my retouching clearly. If you interesting about removing dark area you can see  my other tutorial here– and about reshaping her cheek, the idea is similar with this one.

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Photo 4:


Photo 5:


Photo 6:


Photo 7:


Photo 8:


Photo 9:


Photo 10:


I hope you like it. Thanks for visiting this blog.


15 thoughts on “Nina-祝妳早日康復

  1. 感谢你的信息。

  2. 我沒有450D, 我有 Kiss Digital X/400D…
    我朋友用450D, 他感覺450D不錯啊….
    18-55 IS (450D kit lens)很好 – compare with 18-55 (400D kit lens), 我感覺IS很重要…

    如果你有錢, 不用買kit lens…就買L lens….
    我只用定焦鏡: 15/2.8 魚眼 (just for fun),35/1.4L (my favorite lens for general photo), 50/1.8 II(low price but good), 85/1.2L II (performance good but expensive) – some lenses are expensive maybe you can buy third party lens as a substitute such as: tamron 28-75/2.8(substitute of canon 24-70/2.8L), sigma 30/1.4(substitute of 35/1.4L), canon 85/1.8(substitute of 85/1.2L II).

  3. 如果要拍人像(model), 你可用85/1.2L II…
    因為85/1.2L II很貴, 你可以先買 85/1.8 或 50/1.4…
    如果你喜歡拍全身或廣角構圖, (如: photo #7)你可買 canon 10-22 或 tokina 10-24 / tokina 11-16… 我用35/1.4L 和 15/2.8 (因為我用full frame相機, crop factor = 1.0)… 我感覺拍廣角比較難….

  4. @Peter Hans:
    Trims ya…. sebenernya klo hasil foto bagus gak tergantung dari fotografer doang…. menurut koko sih 50% fotografer 50% model…. untuk album2 yang koko upload performance model 40-50% makanya bs terlihat bagus hehe…..
    btw waktu itu koko sempet liat di FN nulis klo misalkan mau study mau study di Taiwan ya hehe….. itu bener banget hehe…. salam kenal jg…

  5. Nina tetep cantik ya hehe…. cuman keliatan kurang fresh aja hehe…. jadinya saya coba edit pake warna2 agak2 sephia and berkesan kuno gitu hehe….

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