I just finished make new portrait album after one week editing the photos, seems I did faster editing than my previous portrait album “The Exceptional”. These photos are taken on January 11th, 2009 – I used EOS 5d attached with EF 35mm/f1.4L. Actually I also used EOS Kiss Digital Kiss X attached with EF 50mm f/1.8 II – to take close up portrait but unfortunately almost 95% of all photos taken by it are miss focus. This problem actually also happen when I took photos for “The Exceptional” album. I am still not sure what’s the real problem – about 3 months ago it still okey, I just hope it’s not Kiss Digital X problem. In the future I won’t use EF 50mm f/1.8 II for impotant moment (maybe I’ll use it stacking with EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro 1:1, this technique quite advanced but someday I’ll try on it).  I can’t blame my EF 50mm f/1.8 II since the price is very cheap and I feel satisfied using it before I found this problem. I think “real” photographer should not blame the tools – whatever the result, instead of blame your tools it’s better to solve the problem.

I realized this album maybe a little bit different than my previous album since most of photos in this album aren’t like portrait. In this album I took photo (model with the environment), composition is important for this kind of photography. Not only the model but also how to arrange the model and the environment in order to produce good composition. I also not sure about these photos composition – but whatever the result I am happy with it because I learn how to produce better composition. That’s why I named this album “Whatever”.

Album Title: Whatever – Model:雙雙 (read: shuang shuang) – Photographer: Edwin (me) – Photo Editor: Edwin (me) – Place: 228 公園 (read: gong yuan). Sorry for resizing the photos, I hope it still looked nice :).

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:


Photo 4:


Photo 5:


Photo 6: (Fisheye Effect with Photoshop)


Photo 7:


Photo 8:


Photo 9:


Photo 10:


Photo 11:


Photo 12:


Photo 13:


Photo 14:


Photo 15: (taken with EOS Kiss Digital X + EF 50mm f/1.8 II, special editing with PS)


Photo 16:


Photo 17:


Photo 18:


Photo 19:


Photo 20:


Photo 21:


Photo 22:


Photo 23:


Photo 24: (close up with aperture = 1,4)


Photo 25: (close up with aperture = 1,4)


In the end of this photo session, we took photo together – but until now, I still not get that photo. Just an information, this photo session is held by Photostar (sorry only Chinese). For comparison with other photographer that I think also good (maybe better than me), you can check this link. I think his photography sense is good, his editing skill also good (natural – not over editing). The other photographer that also good, he uses Nikon D700  and tele zoom lens (80-200mm) to take photos, you can check his link here – quite different with my photograph since he took close-up portrait. He also have Epson Picture Mate (PM-270) which can print only in several minutes (see below). This photo is taken by me, but two photos in my photo is taken by him, that’s why I put copyright watermark because I respect his photograph.


In the end I just can say whatever the result (good or bad), I am happy with the process from taking the photos, editing the photos, and sharing  the photos to you. I hope after seeing my photograph, you can give me any feedback (it can be comment, suggestion and also critique) – those feedback are important for me to improve my photography and photo editing skills. Also please write which photo that you like most (can be more than 1) and the reason why you like it , for example: photo 18 (nice angle, well composition). I appreciate every feedback from you, thanks.

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