The Exceptional

This is my second portrait album after Sunny Winter Day. Title about this album is “The Exceptional” – there are some reasons why I named it “The Exceptional”. From Wordweb dictionary, exceptional means “far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree” and “surpassing what is common or usual or expected”. Actually I expect that I could finish this album in the end of year 2008 – but I postpone finishing this album because I am busy for new year party. Since it surpassing my plan and crossing the years (2008 and 2009) so I named this album “The Exceptional”.  Second reason is many photos in this album actually a little bit miss focus because I use 2 cameras (5D attached with EF 35mm f/1.4L  and Kiss Digital X attached with EF 50mm f/1.8).  I just think that 5D + EF 35mm f/1.4L good for taking general portrait (model include the environment) and Kiss Digital X + EF 50mm f/1.8 good for taking portrait (only model). I don’t know why my Kiss Digital X and my EF 50mm f/1.8 give an unexpected result. I checked that some photos taken by Kiss Digital X have a little miss focus problem. I like some photos taken by Kiss Digital X but most of them are miss focus. So in this album I took longer time to edit miss focus photos and also correcting skin color for some photos. Since I edit this specially (some photos also edit with fisheye effect, you can see here for the tutorial) – different than my previous album and the result after post processing also very nice so I think it will be nice if I named this album “The Exceptional”.

Album Title: The Exceptional – Model:水凌 (read: shui ling) – Place: 西門町,台北,台灣 (read: xi men ding, tai bei, tai wan) – Photographer: Edwin Setiawan – Image Editor: Edwin Setiawan. I just upload some photos in this album  that I think it’s interesting. I resized the photos – hope the quality still good.


























In the end of this photo session we took photo together, this last photo isn’t take by me – I just keep it as a documentary photo.


For me I love this album although there are many post processing that I have done to repair some photos that means I sacrifice my ‘fun’ time to repair it. As usual comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome  – remember that “feedback is breakfast for champion”.


13 thoughts on “The Exceptional

  1. very nice photography album by edwin…
    i like lighting and pose in ur pics. that makes ur pics more dynamic and exceptional.

  2. Thanks SBL Graphics….
    sorry to edit your comment, no need to add your website into the comment part because people can click your name which directly go to your website….
    Anyway, your website is good – I also love photo retouching, photo restoration and photo manipulation.

  3. professional banget win. gue suka dua photo dengan background merah. dan foto terakhir, lu tampak ganteng disono, beda banget ma yang aslinya wakakak juz kiddin’ dude. lastly, keep making the masterpiece of your own bro GOOD LUCK

  4. Wah kayaknya saya juga blum prof jg kok hehe…..
    Prinsipnya banyak latihan pasti bisa… makin banyak foto2 pasti makin besar kemungkinan dapat foto yang bagus dengan moment yang bagus jg…. 🙂

  5. Gong koq fotografernya mukanya sama semua kaya lu ? hahaha… Best foto is the last one, soalnya bisa liat muka ganteng lu gong hahaha…

  6. mirip kayak nyokap gue jawabannya sam….. paling bagus itu yang ada guenya di foto, klo gak ada gak “bunyi” fotonya haha ~ LOL.

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