Happy New Year 2009

This article is the first article (in my blog) in year 2009. I hope this year 2009 better than 2008 – for me year 2008 is an unforgetful year since almost all of my plan  in 2008 has been accomplished. I will tell you some of my plan/hope  that already accomplished, first  I graduated from NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, in Chinese: 國立台灣科技大學 – read: guo li taiwan ke ji da xue).  Second plan was I want to work in Taiwan and fortunately this plan also accomplished. I said “fortunately” because only 1 company that accept me work in Taiwan – If  I graduate now, I don’t think I can find job here  because of  the world economic crisis. I am very thankful to God for all that I have done – a good quote from Saint Augustine “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” – so do your best and let GOD do the rest.

31st December we (me and friends) have 2 plans to celebrate new year: eat dinner together and watch Taipei 101’s firework. After work, we go to have dinner together in Tasty Restaurant. Food in this restaurant is very delicious especially roasted duck and cheese cake – you can see this link for the detail. I took some photos there, hope you like it.










After eating those delicious food then we go to area near Taipei 101. There are many people near Taipei 101, they waiting for fireworks – not only them, I also waiting this moment. Taking firework photo isn’t easy thing – timing is important, you need to click the shutter button in the right time. I use my EOS 5D and my fave lens EF 35mm f/1.4L – and also bring my Induro tripod to this special moment. Since recently I focus my photography to take portrait (of model) so the photos I took were looked like a portrait – I just imagine Taipei 101 is a taiwan gitl….. hehe. Below, you can see some photos that I took for this special moment.










Finally I hope you like those photos, again I wish you “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009”. Hope I can improve my photography skill and photoshop skill in this year. Also I hope I can improve my way to write articles and tutorials in this blog. Anyway comments, suggestions, critiques, or questions are welcome.

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