Create Your Own Calendar

This tutorial actually is  a “special gift” from Just About Photography because year 2008 will end soon. I just remember that we’ll need to buy a new calendar for ourselves and also for our family, friends, etc. Before you buy new calendar why not try to make your own calendar – for me, I like to use calendar which the photos are taken by me. In addition, I also feel happy if I can give my own calendar to my family and friends – although (maybe) my own calendar aren’t good enough compare with others.

First I just want to remind that everyone should have different style to create ‘your own calendar’. There is no limitation about your style – if you like your own style keep continue with your own style even other people maybe critique your style. But for some cases, you also need to review again what other people said about your style, if his/her critique is good for you maybe you need to consider it.

I need to explain there are 2 ways how to make your own calendar. First is using template and second is without using template. Of course first way is easier so I will explain it first.You can find many calendar templates using google – I give you one example that I think it’s very good. You can see this link – there are many types of calendar templates and also some examples.  I like US classic style 2009 11″x17″, you can click here. You need to download all the templates from January to December 2009 then insert your photo. I believe using this template  you can create your calendar fast. Just to remind you, in those templates Sunday is black color means there are no holidays LOL…. I fixed this problem, you can see below for the example.

November 2009 example:


Second way to create your own calendar is make it without template. Seems it more difficult than previous one but it ‘s more flexible than previous one. You can determine your calendar size and you also can setup photo and text location. Since my tutorial is to make your own calendar, it means you create calendar based on your own style so I write more detail in this part – not the first method.

My steps:

1.  Create new file (File->New) – determine your calendar size – for me it’s better to check your photos size and resolution and use this information to setup your calendar size. For example: my calendar size is 1350px *1900px.

2.  Make your own template/style. First thing to make your own template/style is to think  what theme of  your own calendar – for ex: my calendar’s theme is about Watching Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain (象山看台北101, read: xiang shan kan tai bei 101)  and I want to  use black and white version instead of color version. If everything  about theme is clear, next step is you need to know how many pages you need to complete your calendar – it’s important because you’ll need to determine 1 page is for 1 month or 2 months or 12 months. For ex: my calendar 1 page for 4 months so I’ll need 4 pages (1 page calendar cover + 3 pages calendar). Next step is you need to insert date/day text in every month. To make my calendar looked unique – I make every Sunday blue color – not red color. Below you can see my template.

January – April 2009:


May – August 2009:


September – December 2009:


3.  Insert your photo into your template. Below is the example for finished calendar.

January – April 2009:


May – August 2009:


September – December 2009:


4. Create calendar’s cover – basically it depends on your style. See below for the example.


In the beginning I said that this tutorial is a “special gift” from Just About Photography – so I also want to give you Calendar 2009. I made two kinds of calendar 2009, first calendar is about Sunny Winter Day theme – detail about Sunny Winter Day you can read here. First calendar is purely made by first way (using template). Because I use high quality resolution for the photo so the pdf size is quite large about 10 Mbyte – this first calendar is good for someone that loves portrait photography. Second calendar is about Watching Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain. Second calendar is made by second way. Since I made this calendar for everyone so I just highlight the Sunday means only Sunday is holiday – the reason is different nation has different holidays so I just can make an international calendar that can be enjoyed by everyone. These 2 calendars is free to download and free from obstructing watermark and also big size.

First Calendar download here.

Second Calendar download here.

Finally we finish this tutorial – I hope you can learn some ideas and useful technique to create your own calendar. As usual comment, critique, suggestion and question are welcome (not only for tutorial but also for the calendar^^). In the end I would say “Happy New Year 2009″……  I hope next year will be better than this year.

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3 thoughts on “Create Your Own Calendar

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  2. That’s a great tutorial. Which version of Photoshop are you using? Can you provide the exact name of the software? Thank you.


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