Sunny Winter Day

7th December 2008 is my first time joining dcview activities about portrait activity. For more detail about dcview, you can click this link – sorry only Chinese available. I named this article “Sunny Winter Day” because when I join this activities the day is bright although it’s a winter season. I think it’s good to enjoy sun light in nice  winter season – for me winter is the best season. “Summer Winter Day” also become my first portrait album title in Taiwan. Because this is my first time, the result maybe not very good – still experimenting on it especially on color management. Anyway I always do my best not only in taking photo but also in editing the photo.

Model is 茵芙 (read: yin fu), photographer: me, place is 435藝文特區 (read: yi wen te qu) – 台北, 台灣 (read: Taipei, Taiwan) – Album title: Sunny Winter Day. In this photo session I only use EOS 5D and 35mm/f1.4L to take all photos. Please click read the rest of this entry to see all photos.


















By the way, I am the only one foreign photographer there (only one people speaks English to me LOL ….)- in the end of photo session we take photo together – this last photo isn’t taken by me – I keep this photo as a documentary.


Anyway I enjoy this photo session although there is language barrier –  I just think if it’s in my country and there is a foreign people that can’t speak my mother language – I’ll try my best to talk with him in English and will not let him alone. As usual comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome.


17 thoughts on “Sunny Winter Day

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  2. @Mchilly:
    thanks for your feedback…. actually I need some feedback about this album especially on composition and color management – do not hesitate to give some critiques if it’s necessary – I just think “even he is a professional photographer, he also needs critiques from other photographers”. Anyway I hope everyone likes my photography and also my style…. wait my next album – maybe in 2009.

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  4. thanks syelviapoe3….
    Actually the moment is planned by us – so we (include me) ready to take this moment. In addition, I use continuous shot to take this moment. I convert this photo to black and white because I think it’s better than color version – since she uses white jacket and the sky is very bright (so the photo looked flat) and also this moment is special for me.

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  7. hi mas edwin
    saya suka dgn style foto2nya mas edwin
    model2nya juga cute (terutama nina hihi)

    saya mau komen foto nomor 3
    menurut saya harusnya bagian bawah foto itu di croping
    karena warna temboknya terlalu over dan tangan si model kelihatan agak berurat + gelap

    selain itu bagus2 semua

  8. @AKz:
    wah makasih nih foto2nya dikomen semua hehe…..
    album ini diambil tahun 2008, dan ini pertama kali saya ikut photo session – cuman pake 5D sama 35/1.4L. Post processingnya jg agak beda dengan photo2 saya yang lain – ini kontrast and brightnessnya masih agak over trus jujur untuk foto ini saya banyak melakukan crop – maklum pertama kali….. trims masukannya mas….

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