Correcting Blur Using Photoshop CS 2 or CS 3

Have you ever takes a photo in the dark room then you get blur photo because your hands can’t hold the camera tightly. Actually the problem isn’t only your hands but also the object. Actually the terminology “blur” has many meanings for me, first is blur caused by miss focus. Blur that caused by miss focus doesn’t have any relationship with shutter speed – it has relationship with focus selection point and aperture. Using wide aperture (for example: f/1.4) will cause miss focus easily than using narrow aperture (for example: f/4). Sometimes it also has relationship with your camera, for example my 400D the focus point in the center is better than the other focus position – so I prefer using center focus point selection. In order to correct this problem you can read my previous tutorial here. Second is blur caused by handshake or moving object. It usually happens when the light is not sufficient so the shutter speed is very slow. In this tutorial I try to write simple method to correct blur caused by handshake.

Original photo is taken by me:


Let’s see near the face part to see that the blur is caused by handshake.


In order to correct this problem you can use smart blur by clicking  Filter->Sharpen ->Smart Sharpen – same with my previous tutorial to correct miss focus problem. The diference just in the smart sharpen dialog box, you need to change remove part. Change remove part become remove motion blur, you need to adjust amount and radius until you satisfied with the result. Don’t forget to adjust the angle – it’s important because if you miss adjust this part, you’ll add the other handshake blur. For this photo, my setup is like picture below.


There is a bad effect using this method – noise will increase significant. So my suggestion is make a masking so this effect isn’t apply to overall photo but only some parts that needed this effect. In this example I also add local contrast to the photo to make it more interesting.  See the comparison below between before and after adding local contrast.


The last step is adjusting the color and reducing the noise. The final result can be seen below.


Finally we finish this tutorial – I hope you can learn something from this tutorial. Comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome.

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9 thoughts on “Correcting Blur Using Photoshop CS 2 or CS 3

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  2. @Michael:
    I am not sure because it depends on the quality of the original photo itself… Anyway I hope the method in my article can help you a little bit to correct your photo.

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