Taoban Dinner Day

2008 December 08 is special day for me and my friends –  we go to expensive restaurant and have dinner there. This restaurant is famous in Taiwan, for dinner you must pay about 520 NTD – quite expensive for me. If you are in Taiwan, I suggest you to visit this restaurant, for more detail click this link.

Below I attach some photos that I take in there.








Those photos are taken without any preparations – I just use EOS 400D and EF 50mm f/1.8 II without flash. I know that for professional food photographer should have good camera, lens, flash and good lighting equipment. Not only that but also his feeling to arrange the food and determine the best angle – and I think my photos can’t be compared with that pro one. In the end, I just can improve my photos and give more lighting since the original photos are flat  – finally I hope you still enjoy those photos.

5 thoughts on “Taoban Dinner Day

  1. @skincarediyer:
    I also love their deep fried rice balls. I think the lamb chops also delicious – I think taoban is good place not only for the food but also for the service. In addition, it also a good place for dating.

  2. i’ve ever been there and tasted the same steak. generous portions of liberally seasoned slices of steak were indeed tender. this is one of ultimate signature dishes that have been a triumph for taoban. another memorable entree, but in a sleepier fashion, was their seasonal seafood salad garnished with the tantalizing juicy mango. as an appetizer this was absolutely awaken my taste buds. overall the price and service was good, the food tasty and the experience pleasant.

  3. @Saktian:
    yah minimal kayak si Nikki lah haha…… ngarep mode on

    Wow….. after reading your statement, I feel very hungry…. I want go to there again but my friend told me about the other restaurant “tasty” that similar to this one. I think I will try that restaurant on December 31.

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