How to Correct Miss Focus Photo ?

Have you ever shoot an important person in your life but the result is miss focus, and you can’t get back to that time – maybe you can shoot again but not in the same moment or time. When I see some of my photos are miss focus, I feel very disappointed and ask myself “why miss… “, and wanna back to that time if it ‘s possible.

In this tutorial, I try to write simple method (using Photoshop) to correct miss focus problem. Photo for this tutorial is taken by Jeffrey, thanks for him take a little bit miss focus photo so I can use it on my blog :)).


Cropping to make it clearly visible that it’s a little bit miss focus.


There are several ways to sharpen the photo such as: sharpen, sharpen edges, sharpen more, smart sharpen, and unsharp mask. Some people also sharpen the photo by using filter->other->highpass and set the blend mode into soft light. In this tutorial I try to use smart sharpen – smart sharpen actually similar with unsharp mask but it has more option than unsharp mask.

In order to sharpen photo using smart sharpen – you need to copy original layer by shortcut Ctrl+J. In the top layer click filter->sharpen->smart sharpen. After that you can see smart sharpen dialog box – try to change amount and radius until you satisfied with the result. When you change amount and radius maybe you get satisfied result but the noise appears too much. Don’t worry about noise, you can handle it later – but try to get the optimal result between sharpen and noise. Below you can see comparison between original and after smart sharpen.


I think the result above is good – but remember about noise because noise also increase when we using smart sharpen or other sharpening effect. You can see comparison of noise in the other area.


You can reduce the noise effect by Filter->Noise->Reduce Noise or try noise ninja to remove this problem. But in this photo, I don’t think this is the best method because using reduce noise or noise ninja or even the best noise removal program – we still have a little bit noise – so how to correct it without any noise ?. In this photo actually we only need to sharpen some area (subject area), we don’t need to sharpen the background. In order to make it only sharpen the subject area without make noise in background, we can make a mask in top layer – see below.


Final result:


Finally we still get nice result without go back to that moment. I hope this tutorial can give you a basic technique to correct miss focus photo – Anyway any comments, suggestions, critique are welcome.

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6 thoughts on “How to Correct Miss Focus Photo ?

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  5. Thank you very much for this tutor. I love taking photo in low light situations, because this light is warmer and it make people look more healthy and happy. But the trouble is I have to use flash lens with thin DOF, and of course miss focus appear fequently, but I couldn’t recorgnized it at the time I took the photos with camera display.

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