Old Photo Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

Actually I want to write this tutorial long time ago, but I think my previous technique isn’t very good so I postpone it – until now. I already collect some basic idea from other people in internet about old photo effect using Photoshop. There are some basics technique that many people used it – in this tutorial I tried to combine some ideas from many people. You also can combine many techniques depend on your needs – of course every people will have different needs.

There are some options how to create old photo effect:

1. Monochrome (B&W) or Old Color Photo: you need to choose what type of old photo do you want to create, some people like monochrome but other people maybe like old color photo.

2. Noise: some people maybe think that old photo must have noise – but I think it’s not always – I ever see old effect technique that does not need noise.

3. Blurry (soft) Effect: some people add blurry effect that make the photo not too sharp and a little bit soft.

4. Low Contrast or High Contrast: some people create low contrast old photo, but the other people also makes high contrast old photo.

Basically photo that I used in my tutorial (below) is *special for me – not only because the girl is beautiful but it also keeps *special history for me – and the unique part is (until now) I don’t know who are the photographer and the model. In addition, this photo also influence me to learn photography – and also  to learn Photoshop technique more. Actually I have learnt Photoshop since I am still undergraduate student – but my technique is very bad because I just copy paste the technique from books or internet.

In this tutorial, I will make an old photo (from the photo above) with this characteristic: B&W old photo, with noise, with blurry  (soft) effect, and low contrast.

Step 1: I use channel mixer instead of desaturation to do B&W conversion – using channel mixer you can control your B&W conversion – you can see the reason here.

Step 2: I use other picture (as noise texture) to create noise – I think this way is better than make noise from Filter->Noise->Add Noise. The source picture that I used to make noise can be seen here.

Step 3: Blurry (soft) effect can be easily done by Gaussian blur (Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur).  Adjust opacity in order to get good result. I also add some lighting effect (Filter->Render->Lighting Effects) to make the focus still on the face and reduce contrast in clothes.

Step 4: Low contrast photo also can be easily done by change brightness and contrast. In this photo, I changed brightness:-10 and contrast:-15.

Finally the result is like this:

Hope you can understand my simple explanation. I am sorry if my explanation in this tutorial isn’t very detail especially in steps, I will make the steps more detail later. Finally if you have questions, comments, or suggestions don’t hesitate to write it – thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Old Photo Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

  1. @alanmn
    Foto aslinya memang cakep…. sayangnya gak tau siapa yang motret dan siapa modelnya, dapat fotonya dari internet web.
    waduh sorry (hanya nulis yang versi Inggris doang), tutorial yang ini step per stepnya blum lengkap penjelasan secara detailnya, nanti klo ada waktu akan dilengkapin stepnya secara detail – mudah2an lebih bisa dimengerti.

  2. Dear B Setiadi,

    About sketches tutorial, there are many techniques in photoshop can produce sketches – since there are many people write it, you can check it in google. Every people has different style to edit the photo – but for me my style and technique almost similar with this one: http://jeff-flowers.com/how-to-turn-a-photo-into-a-sketch/

    Not 100% same but the idea almost similar with that link, check it.

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