Painting on Canvas Effect Using Photoshop CS 2 or CS 3

Last week (October 18th, 2008) I went to Green World Ecological Farm in 新竹 (Xin Zhu), 台灣 (Taiwan). The place is very nice – I think it’s like combination of zoo and botanical garden. If you are interesting to visit Taiwan and you wanna go to this place, you can see the detail here. I took many photos in Green World, one of animals that I like most is Macau – beautiful bird, like parrot and cockatoo but it bigger and more colourful.

Because it’s very beautiful, it’s natural if some painters try to paint it on canvas. i also want to paint it on canvas but I don’t have excellent drawing and painting skill on canvas. In this case, I just can use my camera to take the photo. Since I don’t have such excellent painting skill – I try to use some image editing techniques. First, I can show you the original photo (below).

In my technique, painting on canvas effect consists of two parts. First part is making the photo not to detail, but has more contrast compare with original photo – because painting isn’t same with photo. Second part is applying the canvas texture – to make it more impression.

First part can be easily done by blurring photo and adjust it’s contrast and level. In this case I use surface blur – I set radius = 15, threshold = 10 (you can try with others number). As I remember, surface blur filter only available in Photoshop CS 2 and CS 3. To adjust the contrast, you can do this in many ways, some basic ideas you can read in my other tutorial. Second part can be easily done by Filter=>Texture=>Texturizer, choose texture = canvas, you can set scaling, relief, light direction by yourself until you like it – click Ok when you finish. The comparison between original and after editing (first step) can be seen below (zoom it for detail comparison) – I also cropping the photo for better composition. If you interesting about improving photo by cropping, you can see this link.

Comparison between after first step and second step (canvas texturing) can be seen below. If you can’t see canvas texture, please click the picture and zoom it.

Using same technique, I applied it to other photo….. (zoom to see more detail)

Finally, I finish my canvas painting using Photoshop CS 2 – anyway if you have question, critique, or comments because of my *bad explanation, please do not hesitate to write it, I will reply it as soon as possible.


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