Make Action for Photoshop

I wrote this tutorial because my friend ask me how to resize many photos automatically. He uses Canon Kiss Digital X to take photo and save the photo in large size. Using large format setting is better than use small or medium size (large photo -> resize to small photo, photo quality not much change, small photo -> resize to larger photo, photo quality change much).  When he wants to upload photo to friendster or facebook, he resize every photo and he thinks it is very boring and wasting the time – (photo size is important especially for webpage because it will influence uploading time and sometimes it’s not needed to put very large photo).

Actually to solve this problem is very easy – you can resize many photos with other simple program such as ACDSee. I use ACDSee as my photo browser – I think it’s better than windows image viewer, sometimes I also use ACDSee to automate batch resize or rename. The reason I use ACDSee to resize or rename because it takes less memory and faster than Photoshop. But for special case we can’t depend only on ACDsee – because sometimes you need other editing such as leveling, curve, color balance, contrast & brightness, etc. For example you need to do autolevel and change brightness & contrast for many photos – you don’t need to click every photo and doing it manually. You can do this by make an action or script and using automate batch for many photos.

Now in order to make an action, you need to click Window->Action, after that you will see action menu. In action menu you’ll only see Default Actions. You need to choose new action to make an action script (see below).

You can type any name for your action script – in my case I type ‘test’. I will give simple example – that maybe not simple if we doing it using ACDsee – I want to do autolevel, desaturate, and watermark  for my photos. You can do autolevel, desaturate the photo and  make watermark (for example  ‘’ for all my picture). You will have action list: level, desaturate, and make text layer. Don’t forget to save as & close the photo, and stop action recording.

After you succesfull to make an action, you need to copy the photo that you need to edit automatically into one directory (example I use F:\test\) . In order to do automatically call the action script you can click File->Automate->Batch. In Batch dialog box you can select action that you need to apply on your picture (in my case I use ‘test’ action). Select the source from your photo directory and destination folder – in my case i use F:\test\ as source directory and F:\result\ as destination directory.  Below destination folder you can see override action save as command, this is important if you want to change file name (for example: A01.A02,A03,etc…) and change extension (bmp,jpg,gif,etc).

The original file and the result can be seen below:

If you have question or comment, don’t hesitate to make me know, thanks.

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