Present from Indonesia

Long time not write my blog because I back to Indonesia for two major reasons. First reason is to apply working visa, this visa is required for Taiwan government to work in Taiwan. Second reason is family gathering – almost one year I don’t see my parents, brothers so I am very happy when I see them. When I back to Indonesia, someone give my father super red arowana plus big aquarium, super red is one type of Asian arowana. Super red arowana is endangered species, actually in Indonesia some people eat arowana long time ago – but now because the price is expensive, almost no people eat arowana. Some people believe that arowana (especially super red arowana) will bring prosperity. I don’t think that’s true – I just happy see it “dancing” in front my eyes. The detail about Asian arowana can be seen here.

I know it’s not easy to take animal picture especially for moving animal, you need to be patient – and for fish you need to take photo without reflection because of aquarium glass. In this case, I don’t like to use flash because the color of arowana will change because of flash effect. Anyway, after I finished my task to apply working visa, I go to Taiwan to work – as a newbie piping designer – not to design aquarium pipe (LOL) but to design petrochemical & power plant pipe.

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