Sunset at Elephant Mountain

Long time not to take Taipei 101 photo because of my thesis. As photographer, I need to refresh our mind by take *nice photo. Elephant Mountain is good place for hiking and viewing scenery. We can see the Taipei 101 with the city – not only that we also can see sunset. I also ever go to Tiger Mountain – comparing city view from Elephant Mountain and Tiger Mountain, I’ll definitely choose Elephant Mountain. The Elephant Mountain hiking route also not very far compare to Tiger Mountain hiking route. I go with my friends – one is nikonian (use D40) and the other is canonian (use 450D). We go together because take photo alone isn’t interesting at all. Different than my photo before – I try to use minimize editing process – in order to increase my photography skill with minimal editing. Elephant Mountain in Chinese is called 象山 (read: xiang shan) – below is photo of the ‘象山’ sign – we will see this sign before we reach the place to take Taipei 101 photo.

We take photo on Saturday – On Saturday many people will come to Elephant Mountain to. There are many reasons people come to Elephant Mountain – some people come for hiking, some people come for recreation with their family, some people come to see beautiful scenery and take photo. Not only that, many lovers also come to Elephant Mountain. I think Elephant Mountain is romantic place for lovers because you can see sunset with your boy/girlfriend. Seeing sunset with someone you love is very romantic.

When I come there, I see there are *free photography class – many *man photographers that teach their girlfriend how to use the DSLR take the scenery photography (hehe). I think they are more professional than me (hehe).  Speaking about professionalism, you can judge these photos that represents photographers, Taipei 101, and sunset. Anyway I hope you enjoy these photos – any comments, suggestion or critics are welcome.


5 thoughts on “Sunset at Elephant Mountain

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    • Thanks….
      For photo #2, I use f/11, 1/250s, ISO 100 (of course the setting can be different, depends on condition, location, weather, etc)

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