HDR Editing Using Photoshop & Photomatix

First, I suggest you to know what is HDR – you can see here for the definition. If you still confuse read that, maybe you can go to flickr, and search HDR. Most of HDR editing applied on landscape photo, I don’t think people will take a portrait in RAW and editing in HDR mode. For anyone want to know the detail about RAW can see here. Generally, RAW is better than JPEG because you can set anything like white balance, contrast, saturation, etc in computer without loss of detail / very minimal loss of detail. But for documentary photo, I don’t recommend you to take photo using RAW format – it is not necessary, because you don’t need many post processing. For landscape photography, most of photo (original) is flat without sufficient contrast. Simple editing tips for landscape photography can be seen in my previous tutorial.

Okey now I will start with HDR editing tutorial, first you must know what software do you need. Every people maybe use different software, for me I use photomatix and photoshop. You need to take the photo in RAW format (although I can do HDR in JPEG – but this still experimenting, and I think RAW is better than JPEG).  Second, you must know about exposure bracketing, if you don’t know exposure bracketing please read this link. You can take photo in continuous mode, using -2,0,2 exposure bracketing you will get 3 photos in 3 kinds of exposure. Below I give three examples: -2 exposure, 0 exposure, 2 exposure, all with auto white balance. These examples is a little different, because I don’t use bracketing – I just use one RAW file and convert the file into 3 kinds of exposure. I think using bracketing you will get 3 RAW files, it will give you better result. The problem is you must use tripod, otherwise your photo will not be same exactly (in position).

After you get three photos, you can use photomatix. You can generate HDR using 3 photos – you also can use 5 photos or more if you aren’t satisfied with the result. After you generate HDR – you need to do tone mapping. In tone mapping setting, there are many things that you should try to change – I can’t give the clue how to change it because everyone has different feeling – all you need is practice. If you familiar to change those setting – you will get the feeling how to change those settings. After you satisfy with teh result, save then go to photoshop for little enhancement if it is necessary. Example of my result can be seen below. This also can be seen in my flickr.

Hope you enjoy my tutorial, anyway comments, suggestions, or critics all welcome…..

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