Fisheye Effect using Photoshop CS 2 or CS 3

First you must read this link about the fisheye lens – but if you already know about what is fisheye lens or fisheye effect you can skip that link. If you search on google about fisheye effect using Photoshop – you can find that the common way to make this effect is using spherize. Because I don’t have a fisheye lens so I try to edit my photo using spherize effect. From my point of view this method isn’t good – later you can see my explanation. What is the special abilities of fisheye lens?…. this lens has special distortion – actually we don’t want distortion in our lens but for fisheye lens is different.

Now before I explain how to edit use photoshop CS 2, you need to go download the distortion picture for 35mm f/1.4L USM and 15mm f/2.8 fisheye. You need to use at least Photoshop CS 2 because some filters aren’t available in Photoshop CS. You can see EF 35mm f/1.4L USM distortion and EF 15mm f/2.8 fisheye distortion below:

After that use photoshop to make the layers structure become like this – copy the first layer (35mm f/1.4 distortion) and put it above the second layer(15mm f/2.8 distortion). Second step : you need to change the opacity of top layer (35mm f/1.4 distortion copy) become 50%. Then you will see layers structure become like this:

Now you can use spherize effect – from menu Filter->Distort->Spherize. Then you can set the value – in my example I use 25% and the picture become like this:

You can see that the distortion line after using spherize effect isn’t same with the 15mm f/2.8 distortion line – thats way I think this method isn’t very good. Because I think this way isn’t good so I try to find other way – in Photoshop CS 2 there are new filter about lens correction. Most people use this filter to correct the distortion of lens – but what I need is not to correct the distortion but to make the distortion. The way is very easy – you need to copy the bottom layer and put it into the top layer then you click Filter->Distort->Lens Correction, after that you just change the remove distortion value become -20. After that you change the opacity of the top layer become 50% and you can see like this: (the distortion line isn’t precisely same with 15mm f/2.8 but it’s very close)

After that I use my graduation photo to test it. You can see before and after – sorry I also provide other post processing about the color and contrast – but you can compare the distortion between 2 photos.

Other example – the original photo before fisheye effect can be seen in this link.

I hope you like this tutorial – any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Reverse of fisheye effect: defisheye effect – can be read here.

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31 thoughts on “Fisheye Effect using Photoshop CS 2 or CS 3

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  2. Yup – This is way better than spherize but it’s not quite fish eye enough – what settings do I need to adjust to make the middle bigger and the edges smaller and curling upwards more?

  3. @ PSNoob
    It’s not quite fish eye because it isn’t original photo from fish eye lens…. the reason because using fisheye lens focal length should be wide (example 15mm) and the other reason is capture angle about 180 degree. Maybe you can use ultra wide angle take the picture and apply this method, anyway you can change the number in lens correction to make it more like fish eye.

    I can give you combination way to make it more like fish eye, maybe after you done your photo with lens correction effect, you can do some effects using filter ->distort ->pinch or you can use Edit->Transform->Warp. You can combine some effects to make it looked better…..

    Anyway the best way is using fish eye lens, but this way isn’t the cheapest way…… for me image editing also important- not only the man behind the camera, but also the man behind the computer…..

    Hope my answer can help you…… welcome to see my other tutorials or reviews, thanks

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  5. hey man
    nice tutorial
    im a noob at ps
    but how did you put the picture onto the “fisheye distortion” picture?
    do you just create another layer or something?

  6. @Gino:
    Thanks Gino.
    To make fisheye distortion picture, you just need to make other layer of background (original) picture. After that you click Filter->Distort->Lens Correction, and change the remove distortion value become -20. After you do this, you will have 2 layer, first layer is background (original) picture and second layer is fisheye distortion picture. That’s all – hope my simply explanation can help you.

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  9. @tets:
    I mean by using this method (Filter->Distort->Lens Correction), you can get the result. In my graduation photo, you can see the horizontal line of the building (background), the line becomes curve. Of course the result will not be the same compare with original fish eye but I think it still acceptable.

  10. how do you download the distortion pictures?

    or are you saying not to use those? and just use the lens correction filter?

  11. @Justin:
    in the beginning I just want to show that distortion of fisheye (15mm/2.8) isn’t the same with the spherize effect. I need to show it because many people use that filter to create fisheye effect. Then I did little experiment and found that using lens correction filter is a good idea….
    So when you have normal photo and want to create a fisheye effect photo – you just do by lens correction filter….

  12. hi, thanks for the tutorial…
    anwy, i already try but it dosn’t work till i change the Opacity on copiedlayer becaome 0%….
    could you explain this.. thank you….

  13. I think a little bit misunderstood here…
    First time I want to explain that many people use spherize filter to achieve fisheye effect photograph. But I prove that this way is not good, because the distortion is not the same with the distortion of fisheye lens (EF 15mm f/2.8). After that I found that using lens correction filter is a better way to achieve the fisheye lens distortion.
    So if you work with your photo just duplicate layer then go to filter->distort->lens correction, change remove distortion value become -20 then you will see the result. Of course this technique also have limitation but I think it’s better than spherize technique.

    • do you mean “” ??

      sorry that I didn’t see any download link there.. Can you help me to find the direct download link?

  14. keren bnget tutorialnya. sy ngtest mini fisheye lens for mobile, tapi hsilnya…. pinggiran gbrnya blur, jdinya susah bnget ngestitch dua gbr. gimana cara bnerinnya ?

  15. @thezainic2:
    sorry agak kurang ngeri dengan mini fisheye lens for mobile soalnya gak pernah nyoba. Ada contohnya gak? siapa tau bisa saya bantu hehe….

    • Thanks…

      It’s not difficult to get 35mm effect… just buy 35 f/1.4L and you will satisfy with the color and sharpness for sure hehe…

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