How to reduce noise?

This review is important for photographer, especially for photographer who loves night photography or indoor photography. First I must explain about noise, there are 2 types of noise – first is high ISO noise – second is long exposure noise. For night photography most of noise are long exposure noise; I assume you use tripod when capture a moment and use low ISO. Long exposure noise can be reduced by setting custom function (for Canon DSLR), there is a parameter about long exposure noise reduction – you can set this parameter become ON. For night photography, I don’t suggest you to use high ISO because you use tripod so it’s not necessary to use high ISO. Also remember to turn off IS (Image Stabilizer) for lens that has IS function, because use IS with tripod will make image become blur. Example of night photography can be seen here. For Indoor photography most of noise are high ISO noise; you need to capture the moment for example dance performance but the light isn’t sufficient. If you use tripod, it still not solve the problem because the object is move, so you still need the fast shutter speed; otherwise the object will blur (motion blur) – you can see this link to know the major causes of blurry images. IS also can’t solve this problem, the solution is use high ISO or use flash light to increase the shutter speed. Use flash light sometimes will produce not natural color, in order to get natural color I suggest to use high ISO. High ISO always come with noise, so it needs to be reduced. The method to reduce high ISO noise is use photoshop or the other image processing programs; I suggest you use RAW when you take a picture so the detail is still good when you reduce the noise. If you use Jpeg when you take a picture, you will miss some detail in the photo when you reduce the noise.

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