Behind The Light

This photo was taken in 2007, I used my EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM to take this moment. This photo actually taken about 20s, I processed some part use Adobe Photoshop because the exposure is somewhat over. I like the red line, but the most is blue line; actually it is a “taxi” car, it has blue lamp on the top of car. This photo taken near Nei hu (內湖) area, Taipei, Taiwan. If you want to take night shot photo you must prepare good tripod to support your camera. Please careful to set the camera setting such as shutter time, aperture, and ISO. Don’t use high ISO for this kind of photo, high ISO will increase the noise. Actually there are 2 types of noise : high ISO noise and long exposure noise. Some cameras can set the parameter to reduce long exposure noise, don’t forget to activate this option. For high ISO noise maybe you can correct them later using Photoshop, but I don’t recommend use high ISO and correct them using Photoshop. When you capture this kind of photo, use RAW setting; if you use RAW setting you can correct it without lose much detail on the picture. Here, you can see my other example of night photo (only use EF-S 18-55mm kit lens).


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