Aperture 1.4 vs 4

These photos are taken when I went to Sanctuary of Our Lady of Wu Fong Ci, 宜蘭(Yi Lan), Taiwan. When I had a free time, I took some photos to show the difference between aperture 1.4 and 4; I used EF 35mm f/1.4L USM attached with EOS kiss digital X. As you can see from the photos, aperture 1.4 produces superb bokeh compare with aperture 4. In those pictures, use aperture 1.4 you can get shutter speed about 1/3200s but you use aperture 4 you only get 1/250s for same ISO and exposure. Of course 1/250s is enough, but in low light condition maybe you only get shutter speed about 1/10s or 1/20s. One thing to care is when you use 1.4, you must hit the focus exactly, it’s often to miss focus. Bokeh is important but if you couldn’t hit the focus perfectly, you would mess it.

More detail about EF 35mm f/1.4L USM can be seen here, other example taken by EF 35mm f/1.4L USM at f/1.4 can be seen here.


3 thoughts on “Aperture 1.4 vs 4

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  2. jeffrey this is international blog so don’t use local language because maybe someone will confuse with your language hahaha……. (kabur…… LOL)

    jeffrey said that the picture that I took using 1.4 aperture looked somewhat miss focus ? and then he laugh hahaha….. LOL

    @jeffrey: it wasn’t miss focus, it focus on the edge of the leaf….. but I think the aperture is too wide…… so some part of the leaf will blur…..

    PS(Indonesian Language): mudah2an gak salah jawaban gue hahaha…… alias gue gak miss focus hahaha

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