I shoot this picture in 2007, find this file and upload it to my blog. I use EF-S 18-55mm USM (kit lens) attached with EOS kiss digital X, and of course a tripod. I use slow shutter speed to get the “streak line”; this line actually car or motorcycle lamps. It’s better to use low ISO to reduce the noise, in my experiment sometimes I use 100 or 200. Use the manual mode is better, because you can set the shutter, aperture to get the best exposure. You also need to wait the cars or motorcycles are going to move, don’t take the picture when the cars not move, because it won’t change become streak line. Make sure that your tripod isn’t move when you take the picture, sometimes the tripod is too light and it will move because of wind. If you like the ‘light’ line, probably you will like this.

6 thoughts on “Taipei101-NightShot-2007

  1. thanks for the comment, I translate it to English so everyone know what he said…..

    nRa: win… you should embed the picture from flickr, it’s better than upload it again
    Me: I know, but now my flickr isn’t pro account, so I delete some old photo and replace it with new photo. I afraid I delete this photo in my flickr, so I upload it from my computer, of course resize it’s size first…… BTW thanks for your suggestion.

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