Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall 2008

I took this photo on February 19th, 2008. The building in this photo is called Sun Yat Sen (SYS) Memorial Hall. When I took this picture, there are many people celebrate lantern festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) in SYS Memorial Hall. I took this picture use EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM attached with EOS kiss digital X (1,6 crop factor). Because I don’t have ultra wide lens and full frame camera, so it is difficult to capture the building. Then I took 3 pictures then merged it using Photoshop, this method is the inexpensive method compare with buy full frame camera with ultra wide lens. This method sometimes will produce a “break image”, so sometimes it needs post processing after stitching process. If you don’t like much of post processing, using tripod when take the pictures; maybe it can reduce this problem.

More detail about Lantern Festival can be seen here:

More detail about Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall can be seen here:

These are original images before stitching:

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